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Our Core Values

Quality & personalized financial guidance to local individuals and businesses!

AA&T Group, LLC is a leading accounting firm in Woodbridge VA and surrounding areas. By combining our expertise, experience and the team mentality of our staff, we assure that every client receives the close analysis and attention they deserve.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help clients maintain financial viability in the present, while taking a proactive approach to achieve future goals.

Our Dedication

Our dedication to hard work has earned the respect of the business and financial community in and around the area.

Our Strategy

We have been a staple of the area’s business community for years, and pride ourselves on the level of esteem we have earned.

AA&T Group, LLC

Full-service accounting firm serving clients throughout the area, dedicated to providing our clients with professional, personalized services and guidance in a wide range of financial and business needs.

On this website, you will find information about AA&T Group, LLC, including our list of services. We have also provided you with online resources to assist in the tax process and financial decision-making. These tools include downloadable tax forms and publications, financial calculators, news and links to other useful sites. Whether you are an individual or business in or around Woodbridge, AA&T Group, LLC has years of valuable experience assisting professionals with their accounting needs.

Why Choose Us

AA&T Group, LLC provides a wide range of services to individuals and businesses in a variety of industries!

Financial and retirement planning must plan for income taxes. I am not a financial planner and am not licensed to dispense such advice. However, given that the largest expense for those in retirement is the income tax, developing wise strategies through a process of comparing various scenarios over a multi-year period can produce huge rewards. Our professional services include:

IRS Representation

Our experience with tax authorities enables us to guide clients in their dealings with federal and state agencies.

Tax Preparation Services

Our experience has provided us with an extensive base of knowledge in the area of international taxation.

Tax Management Services

We guide our clients through a full range of tax planning and preparation decisions.


Accurate record-keeping is essential to a successful business. We can help you with the organization and day-to-day tasks of bookkeeping so that you can focus on your core business.

Advisory Services

We assure the solidity of financial records, evaluate financial procedures and work to produce strategies that help our clients face the myriad challenges of business planning and execution.

Cash Flow and Budgeting Analysis

We can help you maintain optimal cash flow levels by tracking sources and uses, forecasting, and budgeting accordingly.

Payroll Services

Our payroll services can help you reduce the time spent on administration through developing and implementing a computerized payroll system.

Financial Projections

We combine expertise and experience with a gained understanding of your business to produce financial projections that can help you manage your business plan and spending.

Debt and Finance Advising

Whether your needs are corporate or personal, our professionals can assist you in sorting out the different options available for debt management and financing.

Business Valuation

We can provide in-depth analysis to help you identify and analyze the factors that drive the value of your company or one in which you have an interest.

QuickBooks Accounting Help & Assistance

We don’t just help you use the software, we help you use it more efficiently and more effectively.

Financial and Retirement Planning

Our goal is to help you reach your financial goals and maintain financial independence through a comfortable retirement.

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